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Dr. Amineh Razavian

Dr. Amineh Razavian

Professional Summary
Dedicated dentist with over 8 years of experience in the dental field. Passionate about educating patients on the importance of oral hygiene. Committed to providing the best patient care through communication and high-quality service. Experience in working with children, adolescents, and adults, as well as those who suffer from dental anxiety.

To be a G.P. dentist in any reputes hospital or medical center or dental clinic where I can use my qualifications to utilize and develop my knowledge and experience and to improve my dental career.

⦁ Master of Science Orthodontics (MSC) | 2014
Austria, Danube university Krems

⦁ Doctor of Dental Surgery | 2011
Ajman University of Science Technology

⦁ High School Diploma | 2006
Towheed School, Dubai

Work Experience
⦁ Full time GP Dentist Dec 2019 – Dec 2020
⦁ Luminance Dental Center
⦁ Full time GP Dentist Oct 2015 – Oct 2018
⦁ Arya clinic
⦁ Part time GP Dentist | June 2012 –2014
Ajman University of Science and Technology
⦁ Internship 2011-2012
⦁ Ajman University of Science and Technology

I was working as a part time staff in orthodontic clinics with fourth year students and other general dental practice & VIP clinic for treating the orthodontic patients under the supervision.

⦁ One Year Dental Internship | September 2011 – September 2012
Ajman University of Science and Technology

General practices done for developing dental skills and to gain clinical experiences in general dentistry. Clinical experiences includes: Root canal treatment, Basic restorative work, Dental Scaling (cleaning) and providing dental care for children, leveling and aligning the crowded teeth with fixed braces and/ aligner, fixed and removable prosthesis.

Areas of Expertise
⦁ Orthodontics
⦁ General dentistry
⦁ Orthodontics (fixed and removable)
⦁ Clear aligners
⦁ General dentistry (root canal therapy, dental filling, crown and bridges, removable prosthesis, preventive treatment, scaling and root planning)
⦁ Nitrous oxide sedation training
⦁ Bleaching and whitening technique
⦁ Laser
⦁ Cosmetic (dental veneers)
⦁ Dental x-rays expertise
⦁ Patient education
⦁ Desensitizing agent
⦁ Evaluations and assessments

Professional Attributes
⦁ Providing professional care and service to the patient.
⦁ Experience of successfully diagnosing, treating and preventing dental problems.
⦁ Expert in all dental procedures required of a GP dentist.
⦁ Performing corrective surgery to extract teeth and replace missing teeth.
⦁ Administrative skills to maintain patient’s records.
⦁ Ability to quickly identify and resolve any challenges that I face.
⦁ Ability to remain calm and cooperative in all situations.
⦁ Ability to handle different types of patients.
⦁ Ability to work independently and function well in a team environment.
⦁ Ability to meet appropriate workload requirements.
⦁ Ability to work under pressure.
⦁ Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Certificates attained for attending:
⦁ CAPP MEA Dental Academy 2020
⦁ Al zahra hospital orthodontic symposium 2019
⦁ Eon clear aligner conference 2019
⦁ AEEDC conference 2018
⦁ Modern hospital dental symposium 2018
⦁ Ajman university conservative dentistry 2018
⦁ Modern hospital dental conference 2017
⦁ German Saudi dental trauma symposium 2017
⦁ AEEDC conferences Feb 2016
⦁ Dental symposium in Saudi German hospital on Dec 2016
⦁ Aesthetic in Dentistry on Nov 2016
⦁ AEEDC conferences Feb 2015
⦁ Recent advances in dentistry held on 31st October 2014
⦁ Dental symposium at SGH- Dubai 5th Nov 2014
⦁ AEEDC Dubai 4th -6th Feb 2014
⦁ AUSTN dental congress 2010
⦁ AEEDC Dubai 10-12 March 2009



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