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Dr. Azadeh yousefnezhad

Dr. Azadeh yousefnezhad

Gynecologist & Obstetrics
Fellowship of Gynecologic Oncologist issued by the University of Tehran and approved by the Iranian Ministry of Health.
Assistant professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.
DHA Licensed Obstetrics -Gynecology & Oncologist Surgeon at Shiraz Medical Center in Dubai.
With more than 13 years of experience in medicine, Performing lots of complex and special surgeries in large prestigious teaching and referral hospitals in Tehran, including Shariati, Milad, Imam Khomeini such as Hysterectomy, Ovarian Cancer, cervical Cancer, Endometrial Cancers, Vulvar Neoplasm, Minimal Invasive Gynecologic Oncology Surgeries, Myomectomy, Cerclage, D&C, Cosmetic Gynecology Surgeries, Cesarean section, LEEP, Conization, …
Management of HPV disease & vaccination, Crayo & cervical ablation , Pap Smear Test, Colposcopy, Normal delivery (NVD), STD, …
She published Numerous scientific articles in prestigious scientific journals and ability for designing research projects, analyzing and writing scientific articles.
She passed several laparoscopy courses in Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Armenia.



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