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Dr. Shirin mohammad Horr

Dr. Shirin mohammad Horr

General Dentist
MsC in orthodontics (Austria)
Dr. Shirin started practicing in a private clinic in Dubai at 2014 providing dental fillings, crowns, teeth whitening, laser treatment, extractions and she treated many patients with clear aligners as well as fixed and removable orthodontic appliances giving them aligned teeth with a beautiful smile.
As a dentist, Shirin is a kind and passionate person treating patients with care and respect. Thorough examination for every patient and keeping her schedule with enough time to listen to every request they have to provide them with a beautiful smile that gives them confidence. Providing preventive care, comprehensive hygiene care, in office and home whitening treatments, operative treatment. She is uniquely good with children being a mother she spends so much time and put every effort to gain their trust and love which makes every procedure easy to achieve. Children come to her happily with a smile on their face.
Giving many tips and advice to every client and take a step to educate the community for a healthier and brighter smile.
Dentistry is not how she makes a living and most of what she makes goes to charity and she only practices to be helpful and care for those who need it.
She has done a lot of charity work for people who cannot afford a healthy life, treating them with high respect.
Before being a dentist, she was a passionate horse lover and horse rider competing in show jumping and endurance for many years winning many trophies.
Shirin is happily married and has two lovely children which she desperately loves and takes care of.



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