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Dermatology clinic is a pleasant journey from medical treatment of dermatologic diseases like acne, different forms of eczema, psoriasis, alopecia, through minor surgery of benign and malignant lesions and finally to the high style and professional cosmetic procedures as below:

  • Full face Botox
  • Full face fillers
  • Full face lipofilling
  • Different types of laser surgery
  • Endoliftic surgery

More Details

Disorders diagnosis and treatment
Shiraz Medical Center specialise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of skin disorders, including cancer.
At our Shiraz Medical Center, our skincare specialists focus on providing the highest standard of healthcare. Our dermatologists are experts in treating all sorts of skin, nails, and hair care problems of patients and provide the best solutions. Immunodermatology is the branch of dermatology where immune system problems cause skin issues. The years of experience that the top dermatologists have will help them identify the root cause of your skin problems. The best dermatologist provides treatment of medical dermatological conditions such as removing warts, moles, etc., and managing skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

We also offer skin damage treatments, as well as anti-ageing treatments using advanced techniques and laser therapy.
Other treatments include: Creams, medication, cryotherapy and surgery.

Now we can effectively and safely treat several different types disorders :

  • Cosmetic Dermatology Including Anti-ageing Therapies: our specialists can evaluate your skin type and design a personalised treatment regime for your skin. We will also give you a clear guidance regarding overall skin care and can offer laser therapy to treat wrinkles and acne.
  • Acne Treatments: in most cases, acne can be managed using lotions and gels that are available from pharmacies. However, if the acne is very severe, we may be able to prescribe antibiotics, phototherapy (light therapy) and, for some women, hormonal medication.
  • Birthmarks And Scars: we use the latest laser therapy techniques to treat birthmarks and scars
  • Children’s Dermatology: we treat eczema and other inflammatory skin diseases, as well as skin infections, vascular malformations and birthmarks; hair and nail problems; vitiligo (pale patches on the skin); and rare skin conditions including autoimmune diseases, ichthyosis (thick, dry and scaly skin); and ectodermal dysplasia (abnormal development of skin, hair, nails, teeth or sweat glands).


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