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Multislice CT Scan

Multislice CT Scan

Our multi slice CT scan is designed to deliver excellent image quality and advanced dose optimization for maximum diagnostic versatility and focus patient care. We are strong advocates for patient safety and minimal radiation exposure. Our CT with the help of a unique feature allows for minimal radiation dose delivery while maintaining high image quality. CT scans are able to detect certain abnormalities and conditions related to soft organs due to the 2D nature of the image produced. With advanced 3D reconstruction software installed, it is possible to reconstruct the scanned area into a 3D render. Special dental CT software package is also available for dental imaging.

  • Automatically adjust mA along X-Y-Z axis and maintain image quality what you desire
  • Gantry design improve X-Ray utilization and performance of X-Ray Tube and Generator

More Details

We offer CT Scanning with or without contrast from Head to Toe with multi planer volume reconstruction, 3D Surface, 3D MIP and 3D Volume Rendering which includes:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Pelvis
  • Upper extremity
  • Lower extremity
  • Dental Scan
  • CT Scan Needle guided Biopsy


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