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Shiraz Medical Center is one of the most prestigious and dedicated private treatment facilities in the GCC. We have built our reputation on a passion for first class healthcare and for creating an environment that puts patients completely at ease.
This commitment to excellence has attracted some of the world’s finest specialist physicians to work in our family medicine, ENT, gynaenacology & obstetrics, dentistry, general medicine, Paediatrics and dermatology departments.
Our clinic boasts a state-of-the-art laboratory offering a wide range of precise diagnostic testing.
This huge space is fully automated and therefore requires minimum human intervention, ensuring total accuracy. Shiraz Medical Center also has a full imaging department with MRI, CT scan, 4D ultrasound and digital x-ray with the latest web-based software for teleradiology and tele reporting.
This focus on combining the latest technology with ultra personalized care has made us one of the most trusted names in the region.

Our Value

Quality, Safety, and Security


Shiraz Medical Center is committed to providing first class, up-to-the-minute medical care that adheres to globally recognized standards. We strive to involve patients in making informed decisions about their own health, while being sensitive to cultural diversity and the unique needs of every individual. Our core value is to treat people with dignity, compassion, and fairness, while maintaining a respect for complete confidentiality. We aim to offer a visually pleasing and relaxing facility that minimizes any apprehension or stress felt by clients. We will continue to improve our quality of care through self-learning and participation in staff education programs – not only in medicine, but in soft skills too. Our truest vision is developing a working environment where a spirit of teamwork thrives, supported by a positive and friendly attitude towards both colleagues and clients.


Our mission is to be an excellent and caring employer encouraging our staff to continually develop and improve; combining clinical expertise with advanced technology and a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services in the public and private sectors.

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In the time of medical need, we are there to help.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

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